On May 25, 2022 the Missouri Public Service Commission approved a unanimous stipulation and agreement which settled a dispute between natural gas companies.  In February of 2021 Winter Storm Uri caused massive supply disruption throughout the Midwest.  In some cases, local distribution companies (LDCs) had to “cover” the gas for customers that normally procured their gas supply from unregulated natural gas marketing companies.  In such times of natural disaster, which threaten the integrity of natural gas pipelines, the utility can demand customers reduce their consumption of natural gas or face astronomical penalties.  Winter Storm Uri spurred federal and state regulatory litigation with claims against the marketers in excess of $200 million.  Collins & Jones attorney Joshua Harden successfully represented one of the largest natural gas marketing companies in the United States before two state public utility commissions and a federal lawsuit brought by the LDC against the natural gas marketers. The universal settlement resolved all matter arising between the marketing companies and the LDC involving Winter Storm Uri costs.