Whether you are enjoying retirement, just starting a family or somewhere in between, it is essential to establish an estate plan to protect your assets and provide for your loved ones.  At Collins & Jones, we help clients of all ages and incomes with their estate planning needs.


Many of our clients own small businesses or family farms. When it is time to transition the business or farm management to the next generation, we help clients plan and document the transition in a way that meets their needs while reducing the potential for future disputes.


We help clients identify and understand planning options so they can effectively maintain and pass on wealth. We customize plans to individual needs, because every family and every estate is unique. Our services include wills, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, non-probate transfers, beneficiary deeds and durable powers of attorney.

Collins & Jones also help clients in making some of the most personal decisions of a person’s life – decisions related to illnesses or death. Our attorneys carefully explain options regarding health care advanced directives (also called living wills) and health care durable powers of attorney and then prepare documents specifically tailored for each client’s personal wishes.


For clients serving as personal representative for a friend or family member, we provide guidance on the administration of an estate, from obtaining letters to final settlement and distribution. We also help clients identify streamlined probate procedures that may expedite the probate process.


Sometimes, the only way to protect and care for our loved ones is to obtain a guardianship and/or conservatorship. We assist our clients with all aspects of obtaining guardianship or conservatorship of a loved one, including litigating when the matter is contested.


Probate can be expensive and lengthy, so many clients’ primary estate planning goal is to avoid probate as much as possible. We provide advice on how to complete beneficiary designations for assets that may be left by non-probate transfers, such as bank accounts, certificates of deposit, stocks, retirement accounts, insurance policies, and vehicles. We also help clients with the creation of various types of trusts and the preparation of beneficiary deeds.


Even the best estate plans can lead to conflict. Our preference is to resolve trust disputes long before they see the courtroom. When that is not possible, we have the trial skills needed to aggressively defend your interests in court. We have tried trust case involving thousands to hundreds of millions in assets and stand ready to assist you in all of your trust and estate litigation needs.


“Several years ago, Collins & Jones helped my elderly mother in a complicated legal situation that was causing my family a good deal of distress. They had a great ability to relate well to everyone involved while still clearly protecting my mother’s interests. I was particularly grateful for their kind and reassuring manner toward my mother, explaining difficult things in a way that was clear and concise. They were dogged in resolving all of the issues, which they did do to our satisfaction. We are glad to have them on our side!”

Nancy Harris

Realtor, Nashville, TN

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