Shareholder Josh Jones, who also serves as the Prosecuting Attorney of St. Clair County, Missouri, recently prevailed in an appeal he filed on behalf of the State of Missouri.  The appeal sought to overturn a trial court holding suppressing the defendant’s statements to an officer because the defendant did not receive Miranda warnings prior to being questioned.  The Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District, agreed with Jones and held that because the defendant was not in custody when he was questioned, Miranda warnings were not required and the statements are admissible at trial.  The trial court’s ruling was reversed and the case remanded back for trial.  State of Missouri v. George O. Harper, Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District – SD34629.

Firm Attorneys Eric Collins and Kerry Morgan utilize their extensive experience involving real estate purchase and sale transactions and acquisition financing to close deal

Firm attorneys Eric Collins and Kerry Morgan recently represented a client in connection with the acquisition of a retail center in southwest Missouri, which was part of a Section 1031 exchange transaction. The Firm’s attorneys represented the client as seller during...

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